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30 before 30

January 21, 2018
I made a 30 before 30 list. It's kind of like a short-term bucket list that contains the 30 things I most want to do or make or experience before I turn 30 on January 25, 2021.


250 days later

August 07, 2017
This past weekend I hit day 250 of my daily writing habit! It feels really good to know that if I try, I can commit to something for 250 straight days. It’s a good confidence booster. It makes me feel like I can commit to anything now.


They let me speak at my college graduation

May 11, 2017
I graduated college four years ago, and this is the speech I gave at my graduation ceremony. After rereading it to prepare this post, I’m pretty sure it's not great. Or even very good really. But maybe this relic of my past will resonate with someone today.


SpaceX is doing a thing!

March 28, 2017
SpaceX is attempting to re-launch the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket they launched into orbit last year and recovered via controlled landing. This is a big deal. It’s the first time anything like this has ever been attempted. If they’re successful, it’s an event our children’s children’s children might one day study in science class.

If you’re looking for reasons to feel inspired this week, this is a good one.


Two years at Blue Sky

February 22, 2017
Two years in. Still growing. Here are five lessons I've learned during the first two years of my first real job.


Life in an echo chamber

November 22, 2016
Different “facts” target different groups of people online, which means offline, we can’t even agree what the facts are anymore. If we can’t agree on something as basic as the facts, how can we ever hope to understand each other’s perspectives?


My life in weeks

April 10, 2016
I turned 25 in January, and I’m starting to feel old for the first time ever. In life we only get one story to tell, and honestly, it's not a very long one. The weeks we have left to live are countable, and I don't want to take any of them for granted.