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App ideas #1-10

Published: March 28, 2018

Idea #1: Vehicles that travel at a speed that’s proportional to the number of passengers they contain. You can drive by yourself, but your speed will be slow, or you can carpool and travel faster. People who value their time will travel with others.

Idea #2: Glasses that send the text you’re currently looking at to an app that reads the text to you out loud. Turn any book, newspaper, or magazine into an audiobook.

Idea #3: An internet connected digital alarm clock with a companion app that pits people against each other in a competition that measures who can press their snooze buttons the fewest number of times in the morning

Idea #4: A pill people can take that will make them unbearably hungry at a predetermined time. You could use it to wake up on time because you’ll really want to get out of bed to eat breakfast.

Idea #5: While watching someone speedrun a video game, you can launch the game in your web browser exactly where the speedrunner is currently at, and then you can start racing them at home

Idea #6: If people are being assholes in a Twitch chat, they get quarantined to a parallel chat that’s filled with other people who were also being assholes, and they won’t be able to tell that they’ve been banished to a worse chat

Idea #7: A machine that can inject potential storm clouds with water to induce rain at a time of our choosing. We could make it rain at night so that it doesn’t disrupt people’s daytime plans, like hiking or going to the beach.

Idea #8: A new species of bug that feeds on rain clouds. We could deploy them if it looks like rain and we want to avoid the rain, like on days where big outdoor events have been planned.

Idea #9: A campground that can simulate rain pitter-pattering against your tent all night because the sounds of rain in nature are so nice and peaceful, and it really is the best way to fall asleep

Idea #10: A counter that displays at the bottom of TVs during football games that keeps a running tally of the number of concussions that have been suffered during the current NFL season. Might be a good way to raise awareness.

990 to go!

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