Project Description

App ideas #91-100

Published: May 29, 2019

What is this?

Idea #91: An intro to programming book that reinforces all of the lessons with real world examples from Stack Overflow

Idea #92: LED lights on library floors that lead people from the computers they use to search for books to where the books actually live on the shelves. Maybe this could be an AR app. I want the same thing to exist at grocery stores.

Idea #93: AR app for museum tours that can direct me where to go by projecting lines on the ground, show me where to stop to listen to info blurbs, and highlight features in the real world similar to how a real tour guide might use a laser pointer.

Idea #94: Toothpaste that changes color after you’ve been brushing for 2 minutes so you know when the stop. Or, toothpaste that changes flavor after 2 minutes so you know when you can spit it out.

Idea #95: Internet of things decibel level detectors that you place around your home to notify you when you or your roommates are being too loud

Idea #96: Stairs that light up to help you workout. The lights help set your pace and provide variety by skipping stairs and stuff. Kinda like how electronic pianos light up the keys to teach people how to play songs.

Idea #97: App that tells me what time I need to leave my apartment to make it to my gate in time for my flight. Takes drive time, ride sharing pickup time, security line time, and domestic vs. international gate time into account. Waiting around at airport sucks.

Idea #98: View a stream of Instagram stories based on the locations you’re interested in, not based on the people you follow. Setup alerts to get notified when someone posts a popular Instagram story about Iceland for instance.

Idea #99: Like a light pollution map but for plant data. Which species are blooming right now? Which species were blooming this time last year? Would be a cool resource for people planning trips outside.

Idea #100: A website that reviews DVD director commentaries so that I know which ones are worth watching/listening to

900 to go!