Project Description

App ideas #81-90

Published: May 22, 2019

What is this?

Idea #81: Website where people can log in with their Airbnb credentials and order a physical scrap book that includes all of their past Airbnb rentals. A coffee table reminder of previous adventures.

Idea #82: Enter your address to generate and print out a map of your hometown, but the app replaces key landmarks with Pokemon RPG map assets so that you can have a poster of your neighborhood that looks like it came out of a Pokemon game

Idea #83: Mobile app that uses image recognition to help find objects in Where’s Waldo and I Spy style books. Could help parents play hidden object games with their kids without turning into rage monsters.

Idea #84: Machine learning car radio thing that learns the music preferences of a driver based on what they listen to so that when they go on a road trip and leave familiar radio stations behind, the car can automatically tune into similar radio stations in new areas.

Idea #85: Offline Stack Overflow. Wikipedia lets you download a database for offline access. I want to be able to do the same thing with Stack Overflow. Pick a programming language, download questions, and get answers to tech questions while in the middle of the woods.

Idea #86: App that tracks average checkout line wait times at your local grocery store so that you know when it’s busy and when it’s a good time to go buy food. Would be cool if the app showed real time data and historical wait times.

Idea #87: Chrome extension that grays out YouTube videos that you’ve already watched. Could be useful when trying to work through a channel’s back catalog of videos.

Idea #88: YouTube should show users a ranked list of the channels they spend the most time watching. I want stats. I want to know exactly how many minutes I’ve spent watching the channels I love the most.

Idea #89: Community sourced database of noisy streets, intersections, and neighbors that people can reference when trying to find a quiet place to live

Idea #90: Google Flights that takes Lyft/Uber costs to the airports into account. This would mostly benefit people who live within driving distance of multiple airports, like NYC.

910 to go!