Project Description

App ideas #71-80

Published: May 15, 2019

What is this?

Idea #71: Car tires that can measure how bumpy a road is while driving and automatically send pothole reports to the people responsible for fixing potholes and maintaining road quality

Idea #72: A chair that gets more uncomfortable the longer you sit in it to encourage you to stand up and take regular breaks from long stretches of sitting

Idea #73: Setup Slack channels behind a paywall as a service (or a Discord server, email list, Facebook group, etc). This could be a super simple and low effort way to start generating revenue for a side project. Build a community and get paid to give users access to that community.

Idea #74: Bump your phone against a liquid container (water bottle, glass, jar, etc) to track your water consumption instead of having to manually enter the number of ounces that you drank

Idea #75: A mobile app that can listen to a conversation and keep track of how many seconds every person spends talking. Could be used by teachers to keep track of class participation or by businesses to make sure all voices are being heard during meetings.

Idea #76: A browser extension that removes view counts from YouTube videos because people often inflate popularity with quality which pollutes our viewing habits

Idea #77: A marketplace for story ideas. Instead of writing complete scripts before shopping them around, people can post in-progress stories and movie studios and publishing houses can browse early drafts and decide to option them before they’re finished.

Idea #78: iPad app that people interact with when entering a yoga class to indicate which body part they want the yoga instructor to focus on that day

Idea #79: Solar panels that are the same size and shape as leaves that can be installed on existing trees because that seems more aesthetically pleasing than big black panels on roofs

Idea #80: Trashcans that weigh their contents before getting emptied and maintain a history of trash info so that you can visualize how much garbage you and your family produce every year. Also an AR app to visualize all that garbage next to a family member.

920 to go!