Project Description

App ideas #61-70

Published: May 08, 2019

What is this?

Idea #61: An app that monitors popular Google searches and trending hashtags and then automatically registers related domain names

Idea #62: Alarm clock that automatically shares the number of times you press the snooze button in the mornings on social media. Let’s shame people into better sleep habits.

Idea #63: A podcast player that lets users directly tip the creators of the show that they’re currently listening to

Idea #64: An app to itemize your packing list and track whether you overpacked or under packed for a trip. Reference past packing data before your next vacation to know how many pairs of underwear you should pack for real.

Idea #65: Waterproof speaker you can load music and podcasts onto so you don’t have to take your phone with you when you go kayaking or paddle boarding

Idea #66: Bath towel that keeps track of how many times it’s been used since it was last washed. We could attach a tiny waterproof tally counter to it.

Idea #67: AR app that measures window sizes to help users buy curtains that fit because pleats can be confusing

Idea #68: A heat map of 911 calls so you can see which areas have potentially higher crime rates based on where the highest number of 911 calls are coming from

Idea #69: Use drone technology to build a small wireless electronic pump for air mattresses. Why are air mattress pumps so big when drone propellers are so small?

Idea #70: Video database of firework explosions that people can reference while shopping for fireworks so that they can preview everything before they buy anything

930 to go!