Project Description

App ideas #51-60

Published: May 01, 2019

What is this?

Idea #51: Automatically create a list of vocabulary flash cards based on the words I highlight to lookup the definition while reading on my Kindle

Idea #52: A clock but when it displays the time it also displays a quote from a book that includes that time. So if it’s 9:17am, the app will locate some use of 9:17am in a book and include that quote along with the time.

Idea #53: A bot that watches Twitch streams that currently have 0 or 1 viewers and starts watching and commenting to make the streamer feel good about themselves

Idea #54: Sometimes you see something cool outside that you want to point out to other people. An AR app to mark a location from my perspective that lets other people see what I’m pointing at even if they’re not standing in the exact same spot as me.

Idea #55: A microwave with an internal microphone that can detect when popcorn kernels are done popping and automatically turn itself off. No more burnt popcorn. No more having to babysit the microwave.

Idea #56: Something that detects when TV commercials start playing, mutes the TV, and starts playing back a podcast or an audiobook until the TV show comes back on

Idea #57: An app that goes through all of the video clips in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and makes sure there are no clips that are noticeably louder than the others. This will help prevent unexpected load noises during presentations.

Idea #58: Adaptive high beams for cars. Detect when other cars on the road might be affected by the high beams and automatically turn them off. Automatically re-engage them when the other vehicle has safely exited the high beam cone of influence.

Idea #59: Fines for traffic violations that change based on how frequently that kind of ticket gets written. If a violation is more common, then the cost rises and keeps rising until the penalty is high enough that it actually deters people from breaking the law.

Idea #60: Frame a shot with a digital camera and automatically cycle through various camera settings (ISO, shutter speed, etc.) so that I end up with a lot of photos of the same thing. One of them will probably be good even without a deep understanding of photography.

940 to go!