Project Description

App ideas #41-50

Published: April 24, 2019

What is this?

Idea #41: Website that ranks common products and activities by their environmental impact and teaches people how to change their behaviors to make their habits more environmentally friendly. What are the highest-impact, lowest-effort changes that people can tackle right away?

Idea #42: App that compares my water, gas, and electric usage with all the other units in my apartment building to gamify the energy conservation process

Idea #43: Search for the name of a movie and get back a list of podcast episodes (with timestamps) where the hosts talk about that movie. Would be cool if you could stream these audio clips directly in a web browser one after another like a playlist.

Idea #44: Connect Plex and Letterboxd accounts so users can filter films in Letterboxd based on whether or not they’re available for streaming on any of the Plex servers the current user has access to

Idea #45: Podcast that publishes new audio workouts three times per week. It’d be like having a personal trainer in your ears. There could be different hosts and different shows for different kinds of workouts and different fitness levels of listeners.

Idea #46: Dixit-like game where users can create their own decks of cards to play with using royalty free photo/artwork sharing websites like Unsplash

Idea #47: Post-it notes that change color, so I can write my todo list on post-its and then visually change the status of things without having to re-write anything: todo, in progress, waiting for feedback, done, etc.

Idea #48: App that can analyze all the comments posted for a given URL and generate a word cloud so people can quickly visualize the main topics of conversation happening in the comments section on any website

Idea #49: Location-aware music streaming preferences so apps like Spotify can recommend music based on the user’s current location: gym vs. driving vs. office vs. grocery store, etc.

Idea #50: Plastic Easter eggs that are sticky so people can hide them in precarious or difficult to find places (like high up on ledges) without the eggs falling down or getting blown over

950 to go!