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App ideas #31-40

Published: April 19, 2019

Idea #31: Video games sometimes depict real historical places, like Notre Dame. When players visit these locations in-game, they should be able to donate real money and have that money get sent to and benefit that place in real life.

Idea #32: An app that you can use to donate money to plant real trees. The app keeps track of how many trees you’ve planted and how “grown up” they are by showing you and letting you interact with a virtual garden. Grow your garden, save the planet.

Idea #33: Lego fans can submit designs for new Lego sets by using the Lego Ideas program. Theme park enthusiasts should be able to prototype and submit ideas for new rides and attractions through video games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon or Planet Coaster.

Idea #34: A restaurant with a menu composed entirely of previously patented recipes whose patents have expired because they were filed 20+ years ago. Each food item could include a history about who owned the patent, why the patent was filed, what the patent looked like, etc.

Idea #35: Eye tracking built into car windshields so that a car can detect when the driver isn’t looking at the road and can make an annoying beeping sound if the driver’s eyes have been off the road for too long.

Idea #36: Wooden furniture that’s held together with small, strong magnets instead of with nails and screws. Push a button to disable the magnets and disassemble everything, which will make it easier to move.

Idea #37: Magnetic buttons on jackets so that I don’t need to zip, button, or snap anything anymore. Just bring the two halves of the jacket close together to close it up.

Idea #38: Pillowcases that have flaps sewn in that can be used to cover your eyes and block out light when trying to fall asleep

Idea #39: Some kind of cover that you lay on top of your stove that acts as a hard surface and expands your counter space when you don’t need to do any cooking on the stove

Idea #40: 3D print fake fingernails at home that have really intricate designs. There could be a subscription service that delivers new nail designs to users every week that are created by well-known artists.

960 to go!

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