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App ideas #21-30

Published: April 10, 2019

Idea #21: A Soul Cycle style gym that uses stationary bikes for workouts, but the bikes also generate electricity for families in need. Seems like good motivation to show up and sweat. No energy gets generated for the people who need it without butts on bikes doing work.

Idea #22: A website that lists current apartment prices as well as the average rent that tenants pay during year 2, 3, 4, etc. that they live there. Some places raise rent significantly after year 1, and that info would be good to know before moving in.

Idea #23: A feel good movie website that shares film reviews written exclusively by people who obsessively re-watch the films that they review. What makes someone watch the same movie 10+ times? I want to read more about people loving things.

Idea #24: When you come to a 4-way stop at an intersection at the same time as another driver, it’s annoying trying to figure out who should go first. Stop signs should be able to detect these scenarios and use embedded lights to direct drivers through the intersection.

Idea #25: Speech preparation software that listens to you rehearse your speech or presentation and keeps track of how many times you’ve practiced each part of it. You keep practicing until you’ve hit every word at least X times.

Idea #26: A ribbon or something that people can wear on their harnesses while rock climbing to silently signal to nearby climbers that they’re looking for a belay partner for the night. Talking to strangers can be awkward. A universal symbol like this could help.

Idea #27: A mechanical wall inside of climbing gyms that can move and contort to reshape itself to resemble specific pitches from real outdoor climbing routes

Idea #28: Timers built into office chairs that activate when you sit on them so you know how much time you actually spend at your desk doing work every day vs. time spent in meetings

Idea #29: Some kind of sensor I can put in my apartment that will let me know if I’m making too much noise while exercising. I want to stay fit, but I don’t want to be a dick to my downstairs neighbors while doing it.

Idea #30: When your car alarm goes off you get a push notification on your phone that lets you see what the cameras on your car are seeing. You can also speak into your phone to project your voice through your car’s speakers to yell at the person messing with your car.

970 to go!

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