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App ideas #11-20

Published: April 04, 2019

Idea #11: Click on an Instagram photo of the outdoors and seamlessly go into Google Street View to explore the area where the photo was taken. Same thing for YouTube videos.

Idea #12: A tea strainer that’s also a thermometer that beeps when your tea reaches the optimal temperature for drinking

Idea #13: PC Part Picker but for backpacking gear. Help me assemble a full kit, and show me what a cheap vs. expensive build looks like.

Idea #14: Cameras on cars that use computer vision to warn drivers when they’re about to park in an illegal parking spot, like if there’s a fire hydrant nearby or something

Idea #15: A service for rich people where they can buy bookshelves that are pre-filled with novels, cookbooks, art books, and knick-knacks that are aesthetically pleasing and also make them look like interesting and intelligent individuals

Idea #16: Machine learning calendar app that tracks when meetings are scheduled to start vs. when they actually start so that it can predict when future meetings will most likely start. It sucks being the person that’s always on time for things that don’t start on time.

Idea #17: Noise that’s generated while sitting in a movie theater gets amplified and projected back at the person making noise. People can talk during a movie if they want to, but they’re going to ruin their own experience way more than they ruin anyone else’s experience.

Idea #18: A trash service that takes away the entire trash can full of trash and replaces it with an empty clean trash can. This way people can throw trash directly into the bin without having to use plastic bags as liners.

Idea #19: A clothes drying machine that uses internal sensors to know exactly how long and at what temperature to run to dry the clothes inside. No need for humans to enter settings anymore. Just put your clothes in and press the go button.

Idea #20: A urinal that analyzes your pee and lets you know how hydrated you currently are

980 to go!

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