Project Description

App ideas #101-110

Published: June 05, 2019

What is this?

Idea #101: A website similar to Glassdoor but instead of salary information people anonymously share the cost of medical procedures they received at hospitals and other medical institutions

Idea #102: Take the entire history of a text message conversation between two or more people and randomly pull out messages to form a collage that can be printed on a poster. Color code the texts by person. Re-roll the collage until you get something you like.

Idea #103: An app that can listen to you while you’re speaking and flag any negative language it hears. Negative words, negative tone, disparaging comments about yourself or others. Help users reframe things in a more positive light.

Idea #104: Receive alerts when your child uses bad language while playing video games online. Maybe this is an app that records video streams and bookmarks areas for parents to review to make sure their kids aren’t being assholes.

Idea #105: Medicine bottles with lights that change color depending on whether or not you’ve taken your medicine for the day already

Idea #106: Online don’t break the chain calendars that can be shared with other people. Form a mastermind group. Everyone commits to a habit or activity. Keep tabs on who’s on a big streak and who missed a few days and might need some extra encouragement today.

Idea #107: Camera rig at hair salons that customers can use to take photos of their head from multiple angles after a haircut. The photos can be referenced by stylists during future visits.

Idea #108: Kinda like the cabin porn coffee table book except instead of photos of cabins in beautiful and secluded places it shows photos of benches in beautiful and secluded places. We’ll call it “A Good Sit.”

Idea #109: Watch HGTV, see something you like, log into an app, find the episode you were watching, see products similar to the ones featured on the show. This could be a community sourced database of look-alike furniture.

Idea #110: A device that can freeze food just the right amount so that it thaws in a preset and predictable amount of time. Ex: I want chicken that will thaw in the fridge in exactly 8 hours, so freeze the chicken just enough to make that happen.

890 to go!